At the end of last week's adventures, the party had just completed a long rest and resumed walking on the Old North Road. Trees fell across the road just before them - an ambush by Drow ghouls! The party used bows and spells to foil the ambushers, and when looting the bodies, they found each dead body had a signet ring. They also found a note in a vest pocket that outlined the Drow's plans.

Grazpit has imprisoned the villagers at the Castle of Adrik's Folly and intends to sacrifice them to Spider Goddess, a dark god of the Drow. With knowledge of the plan without details on Grazpit, the party headed north on the Old North Road towards the castle to rescue the villagers.

Yoflid Gullion, a leader of the Drow and a ghoul himself, gathered Drow, ghouls, gargoyles, and zombies to dispatch anyone searching for the villagers. Just after the party navigated some downed trees on the road, they were attacked by Yoflid's group. Though the party was smaller in number than last week :) they still prevailed, marshaled their forces, and continued towards Adrik's folly.

The party came upon the Chapel of Flaesuros on the castle's outskirts. Alexandra Galekin brandished a sword at the party, mistaking them for mercenaries. Upon discovering they were allies instead, Alexandra made a meal for them and shared her limited knowledge of the area. Her husband, Kivan, is one of the hostages.

With hints from Alexandra's stories, the party discovered a secret passage from the cemetery into Adrik's folly. While searching, they also found healing potions and scrolls they desperately needed.

The party ambushed a group of mercenaries hunting for food and killed them. To disguise themselves, the party donned the mercenaries' clothing.

This is where next week's adventure starts.

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