Our favorite adventurers had another busy day.

While traveling the Old North Road, the party encountered a devilish Hussar Drow named Gerigg riding his wolf spider. The two had set a log roll trap (just like out of Fortnite!), which scattered the party and knocked some of them prone. After Gerigg fired a half dozen well-aimed arrows, he and his mount disappeared into the nearby forest. The party brushed themselves off and continued down the road.

They saw a large stone structure in the distance adorned with flickering lights. Many in the party found the lights irresistible. The most vocal party member, a half-elf cleric who recently joined the group, was suspicious and wanted to move on. But he was outvoted by those in the party who were eager for gold and treasure.

The lights that seduced the party members were fire braziers on a well-kept tomb. When the party reached the tomb, they found a huge sarcophagus. Eager for riches, they cracked the sarcophagus and woke the frost-giant skeleton of Jarl Jeirrod. Fierce fighting ensued, and the party was victorious. But no gold was found, and the disheartened party returned to the Old North Road.

They were unaware of the trap laid by the kidnappers who wished to thwart any attempts to free the hostages. The kidnappers had hired Grazpil, a malevolent creature whose followers set an ambush and attacked the party with thrown daggers. With spells and fierce melee, the party drove Grazpil and his band away.

Returning to the road, the party was again besotted by inviting lights -- this time, in the forest itself. The lure of potential treasure was strong, and the half-elf cleric’s warnings again went unheeded.

The party found a well-tended structure, warm with friendly lights. A goblin opened the door and greeted them with a reluctant invitation to enter. Some party members were hesitant, sensing that something wasn’t quite right. But the party was tired, and the shack was inviting, and they all came inside. As they settled into comfortable chairs, their senses failed them, and they didn’t notice the chairs were not goblin-sized.

The goblin introduced himself as Fergrax, revealed his true nature, and attacked the party as a barghest. Fergrax cast suggestion and charmed the party into fighting each other. Those party members who defended themselves against the spell eventually overcame the barghest and saved their companions.

The party rested just off the Old North Road and is ready for new adventures.

AUG 27
 Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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