The party was facing north when they witnessed their enemies vanish into the woods – with hostages in tow. The villagers stopped their toil from working on fixing and repairing the church, their homes, and the gate as an unexpected darkness descended. They were all taken back and spoke in inaudible whispers. Juriendor called out to all, “This will pass! Have faith, have heart.” His words do not soothe the villagers.

The party gathered and moved on. Only to be stopped by a wet spot on the road. (Did they ever figure out it was a Grey Ooze?) The group came to a place where a rough trail went east, and the main road went north. The trail went over a bridge. This bridge seemed wrong, evil? The party encountered unwelcoming centaurs on patrol, but they resolved the issue peacefully.

The party was not so lucky with the occupant of the bridge – a shadowy creature who cast fear, charm, and entrapment using the very earth and vines against the party. The charmed ones could not escape the spell, even after numerous attempts. To each charmed party member, the creature appeared as a loved one (Mom) whom they did not want to harm.

This broke the party's cohesion, and even the mighty Dragon Born Paladin succumbed. They attempted to murder the mighty fighter. (Alex) There was also the thief, Kara, who accidentally tripped and cast a charm spell on Alex and took half of his gold, oops.

The Paladin (Bowen) attached fellow party members and might have lost his Paladin ability to ‘lay on hands’ for that hideous action. Double oops.

A pack of winter wolves led by a dire wolf attempted to waylay the group. The Barbarian used their Rage ability to fight the wolves without concern for their safety. The Paladin tried as well but found himself swamped by these evil canines.

Moving on, what will the next session hold for this group?
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