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The church's basement needed to be cleared, and the Moonshard recovered. The cleansing of the basement took time, spells, and almost lives. Dastardly Drow, posing as Zombies, discovered and stole the Moonshard. Using skeletons and zombies as cannon fodder, these creatures swarmed the party.

New undead, some sort of goblin creature, also attacked the party and wore the members down. The party used their weapons, spells, and healing items quickly. While searching for treasure, the party released the worst creature, a vampire who attacked the group upon gaining freedom. A known hero, Alin Durqua, long thought lost in the north and turned into a lesser vampire, and the party had to deal with it before moving on.

Now at the beginning of the Dark Wood, the party must continue their quest to find and return the Moonshard. Sage Statek is missing from the village, and the party cannot use his valuable aid in this endeavor. The party must trek on, find the Moonshard, wrest it away from the Drow, and bring it back to the village.

Simple, right?
 Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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