On the outskirts of Riverton, the party met a farmer and his wife looking for their son Geoffrey, who had been missing for several days. They feared the Wraith King had captured Geoffrey and would turn him into a skeleton. The party heroically - and without regard for their safety - promised to rescue Geoffrey.

After locating the entrance to the Wraith King's dungeon, they searched within for traps, and not finding any, they entered the dungeon. They soon found a room with many cells, and a Dragonborn potato farmer occupied one cell. The party rescued the Dragonborn, who didn't know Geoffrey's whereabouts but did know of other prisoners in the Wraith King's dungeon.

During their search, the party found knick-knacks and miscellaneous trinkets, which made them hope they'd find real treasure. While searching for treasure, the fair cleric found a trap that dropped him into a 20-foot pit of spikes. His legs were pierced.

The mighty Wargoth found himself trapped in a net attached to the ceiling. The trap cast a silence spell, and Wargoth could not call for help. The wily druid used his magic to free Wargoth. When Wargoth was freed, he fell into the pit with the cleric. Eventually, the cleric and Wargoth freed themselves from the pit using pitons and ingenuity. The faithful Paladin freed the potato-farming Dragonborn. Only late to see this potato farmer slain by a ruthless skeleton.

After their liberation from the pit, the party was set upon by numerous skeletons, which they defeated—in a messy final battle with Wraith King, the druid and the paladin nearly lost their lives. They defeated the mighty Wraith King freeing the town of Riverton from his evil.

Bernie, the ingenious halfling mage, determined the only way to end the Wraith King's hold on evil was to destroy the black pillar which gave him his necrotic power. With the able assistance of the elven mage and elven archer, they destroyed the cursed column, freeing all from the evil power within.

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